Verb trav·el  \ ˈtra-vəl \

explore a new place; a journey; an experience; escape monotony


Noun ˈbændɑːr   Hinglish

A male monkey

In spite of the human evolution, technological or physiological, we still derive our basic instincts from our first ancestors: the apes. The need to explore, feed, experience, and survive led us to evolve ourselves to the current version of Homo Sapiens Sapiens. But I believe we are still the same deep down: we still have a monkey inside of us! That fidgety feeling when something excites us, the inquisitive monkey mind to explore the unknown, the crazy antics to impress those we love, the hours spent on self-grooming, and the chest-beating defense we put up when our tails are stepped over. This is us!

From squatting for that hot cup at the Lamayuru (Leh) tea stalls to zooming my lenses to capture the ever-reclusive single horned Rhino at Nepal; from living it up in Barca to losing myself in Cambodia, I have seen things beyond my lens, I have sensed life beyond what meets the eye!

I am restless till I book my next travel ticket, I am restless to know what I can experience and capture, I am restless till my taste buds are devoured with unknown flavors, I am restless till I find my calm while reminiscing my experiences through pictures and tales!

This is life as I have known so far: the viscous chakra between restless and calm.

I am Mohit, the explorer, the seeker, the photo-explorer, the storyteller

I am the Travel Bandar!

Welcome to my world…